Frequently asked helicopter training questions

Are helicopters safe?

Absolutely! According to the National transportation Safety Board, a "single engine, turbine-powered helicopter is the safest aircraft in the air today with the exception of regularly scheduled commercial airlines." The Robinson R22 that we use for helicopter training in has an outstanding safety record.

Who is eligible to get an FAA Pilot


Currently a candidate must be able to read, speak and understand English. Additionally, a candidate must be able to posses an FAA Medical Certificate and meet the following age requirements: Private Pilot Certificate age 17 Commercial Pilot Certificate age 18 ATP age 23.

When can I start my helicopter training?

Anytime! We fly all day, everyday. We will work with your schedule to make your helicopter training as convenient as possible.

I need to have an airplane certificate before I learn to fly helicopters?

While many airplane pilots cross-train and add helicopter ratings to their certificates, no previous aviation experience is necessary. Helicopter insurance companies don't care about airplane time, do not spend any more time in airplanes if you want to be a helo pilot.

How long will it take to get my Private Helicopter Certificate?

Well, that depends on you - how hard you study, how much you practice, how often you train. All students are different and some learn faster than others. We recommend you fly at least twice a week. Too much time between lessons can result in the need for more time reviewing or relearning maneuvers before moving on.

Do I have to pay for my training up front?

No. Helicopter Academy has you pay in phases or hourly, your choice! See More

Why take an Instrument Rating?

We suggest you concentrate on getting to your first job and we hire all our graduates at 300 hours with our without an Instrument Rating. When you get to 1000 hours those employers will probably want you to have an instrument rating but we've placed plenty of pilot into turbine jobs without this rating. But we recommend that you get it at some time with us.

Do I need a medical?

Yes, only a class 3 FAA medical is needed for the Private Pilot Certificate(H) and a class 2 FAA medical for the Commercial Pilot Certificate(H).

My vision is not 20/20, does that matter?

No, as along as your vision is corrected to 20/20 then that's OK. So glasses and contact lenses are both accepted.

Which helicopter will I be flying?

You will be flying the most popular helicopter flight training helicopter in the world, the Robinson R-22.