Certified Flight Instructor - CFI(H)

About the certified flight instructor CFI(H) helicopter training course

You'll most likely need this rating to get a job. This course is for pilots who hold a commercial pilot certificate with a helicopter rating and wish to obtain a flight instructor certificate.

A flight instructor certificate allows a pilot to give flight instruction and to endorse the logbooks of others. This program is highly recommended to maximize employment potential. Your first job will likely be an instructor as these are the easiest jobs to obtain. You will most likely need 300 hours total time in helicopters for these positions as that is the threshold most helicopter insurance policies require. Our program assumes you have 300 hours helicopter time with 100 hours flying from the left seat of a Robinson R22 after you get your commercial pilot certificate. Flight time is billed separately from this course. You pay for the course once and take as many times as you need.

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Pilot testimonial: Before I started flying at HelicopterAcademy I did not realize how priceless the experience I was receiving as a student and an instructor. The kind of operations we used to conduct there teaches (and demand) you all the necessary skills you need as a “real-world” pilot: INDEPENTLY be able to do good decision making, multitasking, flight planning, interpreting weather fast and accurately, coordinating certain jobs with the customers, maintenance, fast reaction and problem solving, better flying skills, etc, etc. Go to a regular flight school and you’ll never ever learn these skills like students at Helicopter Academy simply due to the fact that you are not required to leave the airspace that you are so familiar with or do maneuvers other than the normal maneuvers as described in the PTS. These schools prepare you for your flight exam only, Helicopter Academy prepares you to be a real commercial helicopter pilot.

- Barnabas Szilagyi, CFI

Robinson R-22 Certified Flight Instructor
Course is taught one-on-one by senior pilots
Flying is at $400/hour R22
Fundamentals of Instruction Exam
Certified Flight Instructor Exam
FAA Examiner's Fee

Course price example based on standard prices fulfilling the MINIMUM requirements. The average student will need more training. Verify the current price at your preferred training location.