Helicopter Flight School Training Financial Aid

Helicopter Academy flight training programs offer a wide variety pilot financial aid options to help you attend our flight school and realize your dreams of becoming a professional helicopter pilot.

Helicopter Academy has a dedicated financial aid staff to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a Helicopter pilot. By working with a number of financial aid institutions we provide students with their best financial option. We also help offset the cost of your helicopter school training by providing free housing in beautiful South Florida.

You have a passion for aviation and want to become a professional Helicopter pilot but are not sure if you can afford the cost of a flight school training program. Helicopter training that will take you from 0 to 300 hours and a job with Helicopter Academy costs about $81,750. If you do not have $81,750 we can help you find financial aid.

Helicopter Academy is offering aviation training loans for up to $30,000, for those that qualify.

Please fill out the financial aid application or call 561-346-2816 for more details.

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Helicopter flight training school starting point

The best way to begin with helicopter training is to study the FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook. This book covers many details that is imperative to become a helicopter pilot and get helicopter pilot jobs.