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Helicopter time building, only $250 per hour

Helicopter Academy offers unique opportunities for pilots looking to add flight-time to their logbooks. Because we are an official training center for BOATPIX.COM, qualified pilots and Helicopter Academy graduates have the chance to build time at only $250 per flight hour.

Time-building pilots fly with a Certified Flight Instructor on aerial photography missions. They are trained in the art and techniques of boat photography. All of the time flown is logged as dual instruction.

This is a great way to sharpen your flying skills, add valuable PIC time to your logbook, and have fun. Many of our missions require that we travel long distances, therefore you will gain cross country hours, as well.


$250 per hour in a Robinson R22 helicopter - you can't beat that deal anywhere!

Hour building locations

We have hour building programs in the the Mid-Atlantic, Florida, California, Great Lakes, Caribbean and Pacific Northwest, for more info, check out our helicopter lessons locations.

Time building special for low hour pilots

Our helicopter time building prices are the lowest in the country! Serious about building time? Please fill out an application here.


hour building

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