Career pilot training program

Helicopter Academy offers an exciting way of making your dream of becoming a professional pilot a reality.

We will train you from zero to 300 hours and offer you your first job. During this training you will earn your private, commercial, and certified flight instructor ratings in the Robinson R-22.

Your first hours of dual instruction are billed at $300/hour. When you complete your private license the remaining hours are $250/hr. Private license training can be completed in as little as 35 hours. You'll do almost exclusively photo flying with an instructor after receiving the private rating. This is fun low level flying taking pictures of boats mostly in beautiful south florida.

When you approach 300 hours you'll need to take the instructors rating (CFI) and we'll give you a job like we have to every graduating pilot since our founding in January 1986.

We have been in seamless operation with the same owner/manager and a large fleet of properly maintained rotorcraft. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students at our FAR part 141 flight school in Hollywood, Florida location. See details.

We offer free housing for bachelors flying 20 hours per month or more in South Florida where you can fly every day of the year! If you can’t come to Florida we can usually keep you in your job and in your bed and bring a helicopter to you.

We know of no other helicopter school that has more nationwide locations than we do or that can guarantee you a job if you meet our simple insurance requirements of 300 hours logged flight time and instructor rating obtained at our school. See our video page to get a cockpit view of the type of flying you will be doing.

The cost of the helicopter career pilot program is broken out as 35 hours x $300 hour [$10,500] + 265 hours x $250/hour [$66,250] + $5000 CFI class = $81750.*

* Course price example based on standard prices fulfilling the MINIMUM requirements. The average student will need more training. Course price example based on standard prices.


Helicopter Academy is one of the leading schools for flight training in the nation. FAA approved .Student testimonial

I spent several hours contacting different flight schools to assist me with obtaining an FAA helicopter license and career. After calling no less than 10 different companies, I found Helicopter Academy whose rep answered most, if not all, of my questions with clarity and attentiveness unlike any of the other companies I contacted. My sales rep was extremely knowledgeable and responsive and went the extra mile time and time again to answer my questions, equip me with information, and work with me on a price and product that met my needs. They even provided me my training at an hourly rate cheaper than I found anywhere on the planet. When it came time to submitting paperwork the owner Tom was available and flexible to my requests and desires. He always returned calls and emails within the day, and usually within the hour. When navigating the difficult terrain of studying , testing and certifying Helicopter Academy was the best option for me because they not only had the knowledge I needed, but were SO easy to get a hold of and SO responsive. Kudos to them to giving customer service that far exceeded my expectations. I could not be more pleased.

Yvonne Clark

Helicopter Ratings offered

We offer helicopter instruction for the following ratings:

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