Helicopter training - Private Add on rating

The helicopter add on rating program is intended for people who currently hold a private pilot certificate or higher.

Pilot testimonial

"I went to Helicopter Academy because they were the only school that could guarantee me a job. I started at another school because I didn't know otherwise but it became apparent that in this school they groom you to a first job and if you don't have a first job your career simply ends. I had my private rating and walked into the office and talked to the manager. He explained quite bluntly the reality of the helicopter flying business. I finished my ratings with HelicopterAcademy.com, got a job flying the corporate boat photo contract as my guaranteed first job and then a job at the Grand Canyon and now Hawaii. It is all because of the hours I gained at this school on the boat photo contract after I received the private rating."

-Joshua Lang

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Helicopter private pilot add on requirements:

Minimum requirements for a Add on private pilot certificate PPL(H):

  1. NO FAA WRITTEN Exam Required
  2. Already hold a Private (or higher) Pilot Certificate
  3. Hold a Current 3rd Class (or higher) FAA Medical Certificate
  4. Complete 20 hours Dual Instruction minimum flight time
  5. Complete 10 hrs of Solo Flight
Robinson R-22 Private Pilot Add On Part 61*
Item Per Hour Total
20 Hrs. Flight Instruction $300 $6,000.00
10 Hrs. Solo Flight Time $300 $3,000.00
Books & Materials n/a $225.00
Private Written Exam n/a $150.00
FAA Examiner's Fee n/a $600.00
TOTAL $9,975*

*Course price example based on standard prices fulfilling the MINIMUM requirements. The average student will need more training. Course price example based on standard prices.