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Helicopter Academy is proud to offer our high quality helicopter pilot training to international students looking to build a career in helicopter aviation or convert their existing certificate to a USA license.

How it works:

We write you an M-1 visa, pick you up at the Miami Airport and show you to free housing* near the training airport. If you have a commercial airplane rating you can get a FAA commercial helicopter rating in as little as 50 hours (50 hours x $350/hour = $17,500). If you have no experience it will be a minimum of 150 hours (150 hours x $350/hour = $52,500). Medical exam is about $100 and check rides about $500. If you have a private helicopter rating and need to build more hours we have a great time-building program where you fly on a photo contract with an instructor at the rate of $300/hour.

We offer free housing for bachelors flying 20 hours per month or more in South Florida where you can fly every day of the year!

If you are an airplane pilot from any country we will take you to the FAA and convert that license to an FAA license and start flying right away. Call 561-346-2816 (Call or text) and we will discuss this.

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Pilot testimonial: My flying in New York with Boatpix was not only a great fun but also a fast and a cheap way to build up hours and experience. Now I have a great job in Iceland as a PIC flying turbines. The mind buildup and the hours that I got boatpixing was a key factor for the job I have now. I would like to thank Tom and the pilots that I flew with for a unforgettable time and all the help during my stay with Boatpix. I fly a turbine helicopter in Iceland.

- Gudjon B. Sigurjonsson